Optimizing Your Filming Workflow Jun 03, 2023

Reading time: 10 minutes

When it comes to filming, speed and quality are often key factors. Finding the right balance between efficiency and capturing beautiful shots can be challenging. In my early years, I used to believe that shooting as many scenes as possible would provide ample material for...

How To Make a Short Film With Only One Light Source Nov 05, 2022


Hi, we have made a short film. It was: two days of shooting, 7 locations, only one light source, Red Komodo as the primary camera, one week of pre-production and 5000$ budget for filming. I am going to show you a few schemes of working with natural light, working with interior scenes...

Making of "The Ring" / Exterior and Interior Cinematic lighting Aug 22, 2022


Once I found a cozy cinematic location and thought - I must do an art project here. And I made it. This type of location is my passion because this place has the power to look awesome inside a frame. I don't have to make additional efforts to add the props in these places, which...

Shooting and Cinematic lighting of music video Jun 02, 2022

Hi, welcome to the new cinematography breakdown episode where I'm going to show you one of
my last project, I share several light schemes and a few camera movement tips.
Also, I will show you how I worked with minimalistic interior and exterior lighting setups for fast
filming process.


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