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If you have experience working as a cameraman, filmmaker, or videographer; are never satisfied with the quality of your shots; and always struggle to get to that next cinematic level, then this course is made especially for you!

In this course, I will provide you with lighting and set design skills that will help you elevate your work to a higher professional level. Also, I'll share with you all the tips and tricks that have helped me to become a professional DP with a successful portfolio.

I have collected this knowledge for ten years, and now you have the opportunity to acquire it much faster.

After completing the course, you will have the ability to create beautiful, cinematic, professional-looking video shots.


How TO CREATE UNIQUE LIGHTING SCHEMES from scratch and thoroughly analyze the lighting in the works of established professionals

You will learn THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SET DESIGN that'll help you create stunning, expansive shots using such tools as location, props, color, and composition.

You will learn how TO DESIGN SPECIFIC CINEMATIC LIGHTING with various methods and simple tools





You will get the confidence needed to improvise lighting on set by understanding the philosophy behind cinematic lighting;

You will be able to highlight yourself among other filmmakers and raise the value of your services;

You will master visual storytelling and will be able to use it to direct the viewer's attention;

Your shots will become more properly balanced and beautifully exposed.

You will learn to work with natural, artificial, and mixed light;

You will understand and be able to create color harmonies in your projects.





I want to share one of the most inspiring stories of my student, Vlad. Vlad lives in Qatar. He moved there from Ukraine. Shooting a variety of video content in Qatar, Vlad set out to improve his ability to work with lighting, so he could join the world of film and TV production.

One of the homework assignments is to find an exciting and spacious place to build the character's universe through the use of props and the atmosphere of the room. Thus, Vlad ended up in a local film studio with a request to shoot his homework project in one of their spaces.

During the shooting, Vlad put maximum effort and patience into the project. Finally, the studio producer watched the homework footage and invited Vlad to work as a cameraman for his TV series. Here, Vlad entered the world of cinema.

A few months later, Guy Ritchie flew to Qatar with his film crew, where, unfortunately, a camera crew member became ill with COVID. Guy Ritchie asked the studio producer where Vlad worked to find a replacement for the camera crew. This replacement was Vlad. Thus, Vlad's first professional film project in Qatar and Turkey was part of Guy Ritchie's team in 2020!


The course has subtitles




Andrew has been a professional cinematographer since 2013. He has extensive experience working with music videos, commercials, and future film projects.

During his DP career, Andrew created an ongoing educational project on YouTube in 2020. Over the past few years, he has shared his knowledge of how to shoot art, music video, and commercial projects with hundreds of people.






  • High-quality class tutorials to enable you to start working with lighting and set design
  • Tools and the secrets of creating cinematic videos, including diagrams, manuals, and video tutorials
  • Assignments to help you start putting what you've learned into action
  • Unlimited access to classes
  • Free updates to the course lessons
  • Free updates of new and exclusive video workshops
  • Private Andbery community membership
  • Email support
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
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What if you don't like the course? I am confident in my course because my students have shown impressive practical results using my techniques. I offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So you can try it yourself with no risk whatsoever.



This is my pride. Most of these works were made during training as homework assignments. Some students have combined homework with art films and commercials. After homework, the most beautiful works have a second life as stock footage.


Joseph Katches

Joe made this beautiful footage for his homework - a simple and beautiful household lighting scheme with two light sources. You can see the contrasts of temperature, dense atmosphere light and shadows used here.


Kostua Matusak

During the training course, Kostua used inexpensive tools for practice. This work was made by BMPCC4K + Vizen Anamorphic lenses.



Chris Bunel

One of my super-talented students from France, Chris is making cool wedding films, but it's not enough to fully show her potential. After the course, he makes short art and fashion films.


Vadim Zadarozni

Vadim works as a DP and gaffer for Giraffe Production in Ukraine.

Before the war, He came to me to gain new knowledge in lighting and set design. He was a new to the industry, but after the course, he joined a team that made an incredible project, "Connector". He told me the project cost about $8,000 - unbelievable! Anyway, you can ask him about it.
Just look at how Vadim used basic principles of working with color contrast on the light, and how he used some tips for working with props and locations.



Video Poster Image

Vladislav Milchenko

Vlad is my best student, who has made an unbelievable career in Qatar. This is his the first serious practice homework with light and set design. It was the start of his future career of collaboration with celebrities and global brands. 


Dmitri Litvinov

Super-talented colorist Dima made this film as a final stage in education Lighting and Set design Andbery course. This graduate work was filmed using a Sony a6500 (s-log).



Bohdan Smirnov

This is one of the cool homework assignments from Bohdan. The visual storytelling works quite well here! Pay attention to the color harmony.

Dmitry Cherednikov

Dmitry makes films for fashion houses, beauty adverts etc. Before this training, he wanted to improve his style of working with set design and colors - and he did it! This is the second homework assignment from the course.






Does this course have subtitles?

Yes, it has English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese subtitles.

What tools / light sources will I need for practice?

You have two options: 1. One, you can use the tools provided by this course for your commercials, art films, and other projects. Just apply the techniques learned in the course, and you will have amazing results! 2. Two, if you want to practice the course on your own, you will need a light source or have the opportunity to work with the sun. Here are two recommendations I have for light sources:

  • The cheapest option is a 500-1000W tungsten "halogen light" with a dimmer. This power will be enough to work on medium and wide shots.
  • The optimal option is to use any LED sources of Apurture, Godox, or Nanlite 100W power or higher.

For practical examples shown in this course, I use devices such as ACE 650W, Godox 300VL, Godox 150W, and Arri 1200W. Also, you can complete all of the practice assignments using natural light sources. The sun is a very cool and free light source.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course. Also, this course will be updated periodically so you can watch the new videos and workshops for free.

When does the course start and finish?

Once you've enrolled, you have lifetime access to the course. You can work with the lessons at your own pace and go over the material as many times as you need.

I'm a professional DP, will this course help me to improve my skills?

Of course, we have many professional practice videos and workshops. I'm sure that you will find many useful tools. If not, there is a 10-day money-back guarantee.